Angelicum Academy Homeschool Program

Angelicum Academy Homeschool Program

Angelicum Academy offers complete, classical, Catholic education programs for nursery through high school. Relying primarily on recommendations from Mortimer Adler and John Senior, this is a "Great Books" approach to education that expands using other resources for covering the full range of academics.

This is an advanced, very-challenging program. For example math is advanced a full year from the very beginning--second graders are using either Saxon Math 3 or Developmental Math levels 5 and 6.

The program is broad as well as being advanced; it includes art, map skills, geography, history, language arts, literature (and Great Books), math, philosophy, logic, music, science, religion, foreign language, and Socratic discussion groups (beginning with third grade). However, parents may enroll their children in complete programs or any parts they might select.

Angelicum Academy uses an interesting mix of resources such as Sing, Spell, Read, and Write; A Beka handwriting books; Shurley Grammar; Greenleaf Guides for history; Christ and the Americas; the Baltimore Catechism; National Geographic CD's; Latin's Not So Tough!; Power-glide; and Harcourt Brace science texts. These resources are in addition to 12 to 15 literary works. Books selected for the younger grade levels (K-6) include such titles as Winnie the Pooh, The Red Fairy Book, Wind in the Willows, The Secret Garden, Huckleberry Finn, Otto of the Silver Hand, The Last of the Mohicans, For the Temple, and Tanglewood Tales.

Enrollment entitles the student/parent to daily lesson plans, participation in Socratic discussion groups (grades 3-12), educational consultation, quarterly tests in each course, test grading service, semester report cards, comprehensive testing about every 2 years, transcript, and 10% discount on book purchases other than the Great Books reading material. Books need to be purchased separately. You can select materials from different grade levels when appropriate. Some resources are used for a number of levels (e.g., National Geographic CD's). While you can purchase "whole grade kits," you can also order all items individually. The cost will vary depending upon your choices.

High school students who prefer a program may enroll in either the Great Books Program or the Great Honors Program. The Great Honors Program is entirely online. It uses courses from The Great Courses Plus™ (such as The Foundations of Western Civilization) for art, history, language arts, philosophy, Latin, Greek, science, math, music, and theology. Along with these courses, students have live subject-area tutorials and individual mentoring.

The Great Books Program uses a combination of traditional and online learning with classes that meet online weekly for two-hour Socratic discussions of the assigned reading, led by two Angelicum moderators. These courses may be taken for high school and/or college credit. Students who complete these courses can earn an accredited Associate of Arts college degree by the end of twelfth grade.

Angelicum Academy offers ambitious programs, but they also offer flexibility and plenty of parent support.

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  • Grade Level: grades K-12
  • Religious Perspective: Catholic

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